Is A Second-Hand Air-Conditioning Unit For You?


You may be looking to save a little money when making purchases just like everyone else. If you are planning to get an air conditioner, give it more room in your budget as we all know, it can be pricey.

Looking for an affordable air conditioner is quite a task, so you may consider getting a sound advice from the experts at Commercial Refrigeration Repair San Francisco. There are hundreds of trustworthy stores out there where you can get a reliable brand new unit. However, purchasing a second-hand unit is also a practical option, but it could be tricky especially when finding one that works perfectly well. The truth is that it can be a real nightmare if you do not inspect it carefully before making the purchase.

Why is buying second-hand AC units a sound decision?

The most obvious advantage is the price. Getting a used air conditioner proves to be less costly compared to purchasing a new one. If you know where to look, you might get a deal for half the price, but still function perfectly. So, if your budget is really tight, buying a second-hand unit is the option.

By carefully inspecting the unit, you might get one that is near-new in looks and performance. If you can find one, it will mean that you get an air conditioner which can serve in the next years without shedding a fortune. Second-hand units in good working condition may not require additional costs for repair. Most of the time, dealers also perform checking and testing of used appliances prior to selling them out. When you go to the right dealers, there is a low percentage of getting a faulty item.

What are the drawbacks of buying second-hand units?

So, you have decided to get a second-hand air conditioner. Unlike a brand new unit, used air conditioners may no longer be covered within the warranty period. Warranty is provided by the manufacturers only for a certain period of time although dealers may offer to extend the warranty coverage at an additional cost. Chances are, if the appliance you are buying has been with its original owner for a few years and warranty period has been used up, you will then have to pay more for the item once repairs demand it.

Another challenge with getting a second-hand air conditioner is parts replacement because there is always this possibility that the manufacturer has stopped producing parts for older models. Also, replacement parts may not be available in the market. Since technology is evolving constantly, this means that manufacturers are working on developing new models rather than keeping up with the older units. It is, therefore, necessary to dig up more information about the unit model prior to closing a deal.

Overused appliance, on the other hand, may only cost you more on repairs, so always remember to look for a second-hand unit, which is near-new in appearance and performance. It may cost a bit more than other second-hand units; however, its repair cost is usually lower.

If you are the type who is looking for a unit with attractive appearance, a used unit may not have this anymore because it is expected that used air conditioners may have dents and marks on them. The better option for you will be to purchase a brand new one.

Installation of cooling systems on used air conditioner can be difficult. Even professional installers from Commercial Refrigeration Repair San Francisco will find it challenging to determine the state of the unit prior to the purchase. It is also possible that after the installations, installers still get the blame if issues would arise. So, whether you buy a brand new one or a second-hand unit, always check the system after the installation to make sure everything is working properly.

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