Commercial Food Prep Sink

They are both sinks, but the commercial stainless steel sinks are quite different than normal household sinks. If you intend to use the sink commercially like in a restaurant or a fast food place, then your considerations will be somewhat different than if you are looking for a sink for your use at home. So if you are choosing a stainless steel sink for commercial premises, then you should take the following factors into consideration


It almost goes without saying that one of the main factors that will affect your choice of commercial stainless steel sinks with be how you intend to use it. Some of the basic things you need to consider are:

1. How will I use them in my business? Typical commercial enterprises that use them are restaurants, hotels, bars, lounges, fast food eateries, etc. There will be a different kitchen arrangement for each of these business types.

2. Sink attachments – large operations needs additional attachments like garbage disposal and automated garbage disposal to the kitchen sinks.

3. Placement of the sink – check the most convenient and efficient placement of your sinks that will facilitate and not encumber your kitchen activities.

4. Amount of activity in your kitchen – depending on how much work goes on during peak hours, you may need to install more than one sink.

5. The amount of left-over food on your dishes – if there is too much food waste on your dishes, then it is best to install a garbage disposal system. This will facilitate your dishwashing activities because your staff won’t worry anymore whether your sink is clogged or not.

Additional Things To Consider

You also need to think carefully about what will affect your sink while using it on a daily basis.

• Working space – the sink must be just the right size for your operation. You will need to ensure that there is enough room for staff to move freely around the area.

• Amount of time the sink will be used – sinks that will be used extensively during the day must be of high grade and thicker gauge to be able to withstand the daily work that will be performed on it.

• Quality of stainless steel – in relation to the above, you need the highest quality of stainless steel if you want it to last longer.

• Style and design of commercial stainless steel sinks – you need to consider this so that you will have a sink that will facilitate your dishwashing tasks and looks good and stylish at the same time.

• The surface finish of the stainless steel – a smooth finish should be preferred than a glossy surface. It is longer lasting and is not susceptible to stain, rusts, cracks and chips.

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