Is Commercial Refrigeration Affordable?

Owning commercial refrigeration is great, and it is necessary if you run a business that needs it. No convenience store, grocery store or restaurant would be complete without having refrigerated ingredients and products nearby. 

However, commercial refrigerators tend to use a lot of energy every day. This is because they need to operate properly 24/7, and they are used continuously by customers and staff every day. So what can you do to help decrease your bill? Here are five ways that you can save money with your commercial refrigerator. 

Keep your commercial refrigerator clean.

Dirty and dusty commercial refrigerators will work harder to make sure that the heat transfer is kept normal, especially where the coils are concerned. It is best to defrost the evaporator coils regularly and to clean the cabinets inside and out because it can go a long way in preserving energy and in making sure that both the coils and the compressor are working properly. 

Regular maintenance is helpful.

Having a professional technician to check on and to maintain your refrigerator yearly can help it stay in great shape. For the rest of the time, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations and to follow a regular maintenance program. That way, the risk of breakdown is reduced, and the refrigerator’s runtime will be extended. 

Each commercial refrigerator comes with seals or door gaskets and self-closing doors, so you need to make sure that these are in great condition. If they are not working as they should, then humid and warm air can enter the refrigerator, and it can cause energy to be wasted and food to spoil. Good quality gaskets have a tight seal. 

Space is important

The location of your refrigerator matters because the heating and the cooling process of your fridge is dependent on their placement. If they are not placed in a proper area, the process can be affected. There should also be enough space outside of the system so that there is a great airflow over the heat exchange coils. 

If your commercial refrigerator is located near the kitchen, you can try to lower the temperature if it is possible. This will provide your business with a lot of energy savings. It is also beneficial to make sure that there is proper ventilation to increase the fridge’s lifespan and its efficiency, so make sure that there is enough space around it. 

Upgrade when needed

Sometimes, upgrading your commercial refrigerator is the only way that your business will be able to save money and energy. The older the fridge system is, the less efficient it will be at saving money and energy. This is because times have changed, convenience and speed are no longer ideal for offering to customers; we now have to think about our impact on the environment and making everything energy efficient. 

Get energy-saving models

Energy-saving models of commercial refrigeration have new and advanced features, and they are available for purchase. You can do the following:

  • Night curtains on open cases can help keep the refrigerated air from escaping after business hours are over.
  • Motion sensors for case lighting systems can help turn lights on and off in the fridge when needed.
  • Intelligent controllers can detect changing situations and keep energy use to a minimum during times when it is not in use.
  • Hot gas anti-sweat heaters are also great in new refrigerators. 
  • Insulation should be 75mm thick, and they should be made of high quality and high-density polyurethane.

Getting a commercial refrigerator, especially if you have a business, is great. It is useful and necessary. But that does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money to keep it running. There are ways on how to use your refrigerators without increasing your bill.

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